— Addie Eliades

“I would prefer not to.”

—Bartleby, “Bartleby, the Scrivener”

Not everyone’s epiphanies come in concussions,

although that shit’s fun to read about. Take

Newton’s delirium: Mass times acceleration.




Just wait for the day. It’ll hit you

like a falling apple.

The windows theory has been broken for a long time;

  1. It’s married to stockbrokers,

  2. inertia yields graffiti upon graffiti

walls, all you can see

from this office building,

and gives birth to legitimate crimes.

Securities is a fresh and ever-refreshing market. That’s why

Ivy-League econ-grads work Wall Street; business is best

kept private in their domain.

Let the monogrammed ticker tape speak for itself:

when numbers are down, you go home

and, like a suicidal Soprano,

play Hangman with the newsreels.


Addie Eliades received the University of Virginia's 2017 Rachel St. Paul Poetry Prize for Best Group of Poems by a UVA Undergraduate. She will complete a Fulbright grant in Brazil teaching English and leading a creative writing workshop. A list of her work is on her website: